SARVIKA & Co. specializes in providing quality service and expertise for industrial solution in Oil & Gas (Onshore / Off shore) industries, apart from this we also serve various industries which are based on Project Specification / Client requirement.


·         Scaffolding

o         Scaffold Design

o         Scaffold Erection

o         Scaffolding Material Sale / Hire

·         Thermal Insulation

·         Acoustic Insulation

·         Fire Protection


·         Industrial Coating and Painting

·         HVAC Insulation

·         Refractory

·         External Insulation Finish System (EIFS)

·         Anti Corrosive Coating and Protection

·         Material Supply



·         Oil & Gas Industries (onshore / Offshore)

o         Chemical

o         Petrochemical

o         Refinery

o         LNG, Methanol and Ethylene plants

·         Power Plant

·         Natural Gas Storage, vessels and Tank Farm

·         Turbine

·         Paper Industries

·         Cement Industries

·         Heat Tracing

·         Desalination plant

·         Fertilizer plants

·         Incinerators

·         Commercial Building

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